Hospital Founders

Janne Ritskes

Janne RitskesJanne Ritskes is the founder and unfatiguable power behind Tabitha Cambodia.

There is no peace in the family as her suffering increases. There can be no peace in the community as her suffering envelopes all. For the woman, there can be no peace as her illness affects her body – her relationships – her fears for the future and when the pain is too much – it affects her dying process – she is robbed of the opportunity to die in peace.

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Dr. Ing Kantha Phavi

Dr.Ing Kantha PhaviDr. Ing Kantha Phavi is the CambodianMinister for Women's affairs.

Women, by nature and by attributes, are the first persons to sacrifice themselves for the sake of other members of the family even though they are generally contributing to the earnings of the family. It is a euphemism to state that women are "volunteered" to sacrifice her interest for the interest of other members of the family.

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Mr. Trac Thai Sieang

Mr.Trac Thai SieangMr. Trac Thai Sieang is the Vice Governor of Phnom Penh.

The uniqueness in our endeavor to build the Nokor Tep Women's Hospital is that for once, we dare to give priority to women, young and old, to state that the future of the humanity also goes through the preservation of women just as we were used to be told as a gentleman before a situation of great danger of a sinking boat: "the women and the children first...

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Mrs. Ros Priboun

Mrs ros pribounMrs. Ros Priboun is the Chairman of Nokor Tep Foundation.

Mothers are ageless. All children have a mother to cherish, from birth to death, mothers that provide the emotional stability and comfort, that provide the strength to their children to move forward in spite all our adversity in our existence. From this mythical image of our mothers, we can keep moving on in life from strength to strength; breaking through obstacles and difficulties.

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