Cambodia has suffered a tragic recent history with the involvement in the Vietnam War followed by the Khmer Rouge genocide and subsequent isolation by the international community.

More than 3 million Cambodians lost their lives during the Khmer Rouge regime and Cambodians who survived remain deeply traumatized.

Cambodian infrastructure, education, financial and health systems were all destroyed by the Khmer Rouge regime.

Today Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in the Asia Region - 70% of the population lives in rural areas, with 80% that rural population living below the official poverty line.

The health status of the Cambodian population is amongst the poorest in Asia. While health outcomes and life expectancy are improving alongside the general development of the country, Cambodia continues to have weak health indicators in worldwide comparisons. It is estimated that only 7% of the rural population have access to medical care, maternal mortality rates are high and women's health care critically poor.

Cambodian women's health statistics include:
85% of Cambodian women face problems in accessing health care 
90% of women over 14 suffer from undiagnosed lumps or cysts, long-term gynecological infections, permanent vaginal discharges or cancers 
40% of women working in factories suffer from a prolapsed uterus and their average age is 19 years old 
Many of these symptoms left untreated result in early onset of preventable or curable cancers such as cervical or breast cancers 
The average life expectancy of a woman in Cambodia is 49 years old


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