Janne's Easter Appeal

Dear Friends and Partners,

A few weeks ago we had a house building team of women come and visit the hospital. The visit was one of sharing ideas and admiring the progress. There was one theme that several women kept bringing up – tell us what you need now! We want to know what you need now!

This March is also the Lenten season – a season of preparation for Easter – a season of grace – of hope – a time for reflection and anticipation.  

So I am combining a list of things we need right now as we continue to move towards the completion of the hospital building in anticipation of hope and grace for the women of Cambodia this Easter season.

We need windows – lots of windows – 387 windows to be exact – the cost is $US30 / $A40 each- windows that bring in light and cheer for women who are in despair.


We need doors – lots of doors – 639 doors to be exact – the cost is $US50 / $A65 each – doors that will open and welcome yet grant privacy and safety to women who need both.


We need paint – lots of paint – 25 kilo cans - 350 cans – the cost is $US145 / $A190 per can- each floor a soft pastel color to bring warmth and cheer to women who are hurting.


We need toilets – lots of toilets – 232 to be exact – at $US100 /$A130 per toilet – that will bring comfort and cleanliness to women who struggle each day for both.

Toilets 1

We need atriums – 2 of them – 1 small over the entrance –at $US2,500 / $A3,300 for the small one – and $US25,000 / $A33,000 for the large one.  Steel and glass to reflect the light and grace  our women deserve.


This Lenten and Easter season perhaps many of you will be able to buy a window or door or paint or maybe even an atrium cover. AS the walls continue to go up, plumbing and electricity begun – as the vision moves towards reality – I present each of you with our needs.

All donations can be made via our partners at Rotary . When making your donation please specify the item(s) you're buying.  

I thank my God – for this Lenten season – for Easter – for each of you who stand with us in this journey of Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital – how good that is!

Thank you and Happy Easter,



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