Janne's April 2019 Newsletter

2 April 2019 

Dear friends and partners,
It has been an amazing month – we had our soft opening of the Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital – a time of 3 days of celebration and recognition that our purpose for existence has begun. 
We had two wonderful days of blessing ceremonies – an opportunity to dedicate ourselves and the hospital to a much higher authority than ourselves. How good that is!

April 1April 2

In the midst of the ceremonies – the electricity would go off – a much needed reminder that solar energy is the way to go. In the midst of our celebrations we were reminded of what and whom we are – a plea from a sister for a sister accompanied by a picture of a horribly diseased breast – we are not yet ready to help as we need some much needed equipment. At the end of the celebrations we discussed our role as a teaching hospital – teaching newly graduated young people how to serve in gynecology; radiology; oncology – and so much more.
We talked about our self sustainability – how we can serve better with the resources from within Cambodia augmented with resources outside Cambodia – fully recognizing that our strength must come from within.
So our new phase begins – and new plans initiated. With these plans come ideas for financial sustainability.
Firstoff please see the list of essential equipments needed for phase 1 and 2 – if a line is colored it means someone has donated funds for this item – if you would like to donate an item send us an email – and when your donation arrives we are able to purchase this item.

April 3

Our second outreach is for memberships for women who are unable to meet the membership fee - women who have tried hard but are unable to find appropriate help – our goal this first year is 10,000 members - perhaps this is something you would like to help with.

The membership fee is $A80 ($US60) and donations can be made here via Rotary. 

April 4

Our third outreach is fundraising itself – a way to insure that our running needs are met for the following year – so here is the challenge – I challenge you to join me – over the next 6 months I am determined to walk, run, bike or swim 100,000 kilometers  for $10 USD per kilometer.

Of course you know I can’t do this all by myself - If you would walk, run, swim or bike some of these sponsored kilometers – then I can walk, run, bike or swim  less  - help us to achieve this goal but do so by enjoying with family and friends – send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – and let’s make this happen.  

We are down to 999,990 km thanks to Glen Streten who sponsored me for ten kilometers walking – I did it on the beach in Sihanoukville! Send me your photos so I can post it!

April5April 6

I believe in miracles – all of you and us have achieved is a miracle – and the miracles continue – I thank my God for each of you – I thank my God for miracles – how good is that!!

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