Janne's November 2020 Newsletter

December 2020

Dear friends and partners,

In this month of the Covid 19 pandemic, the celebration of Christmas and the joy of life itself is a priority.  Life is a gift – it is a privilege – a gift that needs to be cherished and held in the highest regard. The pandemic reminds us that life is not a right – that life is fragile yet strong – that life is fleeting but must be lived to its fullest. 

In Cambodia, like so many countries around the world, the pandemic has caused severe struggles for its people – it’s a time of uncertainty and fear. Despite this, the Nokor Tep Women’s hospital brings hope amidst despair, gives comfort when comfort is hard to find, brings peace to troubled souls. 

We would like to introduce Mrs. Lay Rotha, 54-year old Cambodian woman from Pursat who has been suffering from a chest pain for many years now. She told us “It’s been over 20 years since I have had constant chest pain which hinders my daily life. Up until today I never had the courage to seek for medical help from any hospital for fear of high healthcare expenses as I come from a low-income family” she shared with our team. “As a result, I used to look for regional healthcare centers to seek for help but my health condition continued to deteriorate. I really tried my best to endure these painful symptoms and would quietly cry alone at home when it was too painful. I just prayed that someday everything would go back to normal again”.

Nov 1 Mrs. Lay Rotha’s older sister noticed her younger sister’s deteriorating health and strongly advised her to seek help at Nokor Tep Women ‘s Hospital.

Her older sister, had been successfully cured of her medical problems at Nokor Tep Hospital.  

On September 30, Mrs. Lay Rotha decided to follow her sister’s advice and came to the Hospital. She told us that she was “positively surprised and thankful that the doctors, nurses, and staffs at this big hospital were so caring and thoughtful towards the patients. For a patient like me, receiving treatment from such a big and modern hospital gave me hope which finally improved my medical conditions and ends my hardship dating from the last few decades."

Lay Rotha, is one of many women who need our help. Our plan to open fully in December has been waylaid by the pandemic as several essential parts have not yet arrived from overseas. They should arrive this month and we plan to open fully in January 2021. 

Celebrating life and hope this December for women in Cambodia. We ask that you help us celebrate life with our women here through the giving of one of the following: 

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I thank my God for each of you – for making the celebration of life a priority for so many women like Lay Rotha. The team from the hospital wrote a special note to each of you.

The team at Nokor Tep Woman’s Hospital would like to express their heart-felt thank you to our donors and partners for their continuous support which allows us to provide medical care to women and their families, especially those living in the low-income and vulnerable conditions.

It means so very much this pandemic year.



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