Janne's Mother's Day Update

Dear Friends of Nokor Tep

Mother’s Day – also May 8th in the Northern Hemisphere – is a day when we celebrate the lives of our mothers – the gifts of love and caring – the gift of our lives. In the past several months Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital has been honored by some very special mothers.

The Queen Mother of Cambodia –Her Majesty:  Queen Mother Norodom Monineath Sihanouk – invited Phavi, myself and several other support people from Nokor Tep to come and visit her at the palace. The Queen presented us with a cash donation towards the building of the hospital. Her Majesty was delighted about the progress of the building and talked of the great need of the women for our services. She spoke of the battles of Cambodian women to receive treatment when they were ill. It was a special hour – an hour where we talked and stood together in our efforts to bring health care to the women here.

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The First Lady of Cambodia, Samdech Kittipritthbindit Bun Rany HUNSEN, President of Cambodian Red Cross, presented us with a donation towards the construction of the hospital. It was a special moment as she discussed with us about the hospital, how it will work; how it will touch so many lives. We were touched by her compassion for the women here.

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 The Cambodian Women’sentrepreneurs are mothers who represented the middle class in Cambodia. These are women who have their own businesses, women who have their own families. Women who experience the need for help for themselves and for the women who work for them.

Then there are the women who represent the poorer class – women for whom health care is not an option – for whom illness results in loss of income, family members and often their own lives. Who can forget Sok Sina, a lady in her forties, dying of an illness that ate away her life, yet as she was dying, got up from her bed and walked to each home in her village –asking one and all to donate a few reils to the hospital. I will not benefit - she said - but you and your daughters will.

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This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day and we at Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital honor the mothers of Cambodia – women who are passionate and compassionate about the plight of their fellow women/ sisters here in Cambodia.

This week we will pour the remaining section of flooring to complete the third floor of the hospital. We are beginning the support posts for the roof. We have a vision – a vision that by the time the Next Mother’s Day arrives, the hospital will be open and receiving the mothers of Cambodia. If you would like to view an update on the Hospital’s construction during April, just click here .

I thank my God for all of you mothers, husbands, sons and daughters who stand with us in this journey . I thank my God for women here in Cambodia: Her Majesty, the First Lady, middle class women, the poor women – all of us standing together to help each of us receive comfort and healing through the building of the hospital. How good that is.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.




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