The Initiative

Nokor Tep Foundation Cambodia, is a Not for Profit organization, founded by Mrs Ros Priboun, Mrs Janne Ritskes, founder of Tabitha Cambodia (NGO), Dr Ing Kantha Phavi, Cambodian Minister for Women's Affairs and Mr. Trac Thai Sieng, Vice Governor of the city of Phnom Penh. More details are outlined on the Founders page.

Nokor Tep Foundation was officially registered with the Royal Cambodian Government on 7th October 2011.

The Nokor Tep Foundation's vision is to create a health care program, facilities & services for women across Cambodia.

The centerpiece of the Foundation's initiative is the development of the Nokor Tep Women's Hospital in Phnom Penh.

The Nokor Tep Women's hospital initiative will provide access to modern gynaecological and oncological care not currently available in Cambodia plus provide education, preventative and mobile care services to reach women across all parts of Cambodia and contribute to an overall improvement in Cambodian women's health.

The Initiative has 3 key objectives:
1  A hospital offering intensive gynaecological medical care for women that need it - at a cost they can afford. 
2  A research and education component focussing on women's health issues. 
3  Mobile outreach clinics for education, evaluations, treatments and patient transfer. 


The Nokor Tep Women's Hospital is located in the Dangkor District , Phnom Penh, Cambodia and the key facts are:
Est. size  1.5 ha land size 
Total floor area 22,000 sqm (phase 1 and phase 2)
 Basement + 3 floors; 220 beds
Key facilities 9 specialized consultation rooms
; 5 gynecologic examination rooms
; 4 oncology examination rooms
; 4 operating theaters, 1 recovery unit
; 1 radiotherapy and 2 laboratories for onsite analysis
Staffing 26 specialists (gynecologists, oncologists, 
surgeons, anesthetists, radiotherapists etc.)
No. of patients 42 inpatients per day
(average length of stay: 7.2 days)
, 300 examinations per day
(more than 100,000 outpatients per year)
; 1,205 cancer cases supported per year
Mobile clinics to reach out to communities
throughout Cambodia


Developing a comprehensive approach to women's health is critical. The Nokor Tep Women's Hospital will provide a wide range in-house and mobile health services to reach women across all parts of Cambodia.

The key elements of the proposed comprehensive women's health services are:

Education & Prevention

An Educational & Prevention Unit will form an integral part of the hospital. Materials will be developed to educate women about gynecology an area often ignored in education or discussion in Cambodia. Carefully designed education pieces will inform women about detection and prevention and offer them resources for self-care and help. A referral system will allow local hospitals to refer patients to, or receive patients from, the Nokor Tep Women's' hospital, as needed.


Outreach, to all of Cambodia, will be through mobile clinics. Hospital staff will be trained to screen women in their communities, to provide detection and education for gynecologic and oncological issues. Severe medical cases will be transferred to the hospital for treatment. This will help eliminate transportation and lack of finances from the barriers affecting women's access to screenings, education and medical care.


The hospital will have a research Unit where studies will be carried out on the various illnesses and health problems affecting women in Cambodia. This will improve procedures and other medical assistance given to local Cambodian women and serve as a source of income and advancement of the hospital.

Teaching and Training

The Nokor Tep Women's hospital will strive to build the capacity and skills of local doctors and staff in the often-unaddressed areas of gynecology and oncology for Cambodian women. As a teaching and training facility the hospital will be able to attract foreign experts, who will each volunteer for 6 months or more, to serve alongside local medical professional, sharing their techniques and experts on a continuous basis.

Development Funding required

The 4 main phases of development and funds required are:

1. Land & Construction Design and plans complete, land allocated in Phnom Penh $US 8,300,000 
2. Equipment & Outfitting  Standard and specialist equipment including mammograms, MRIs, radiation $US14,000,000 
3. Recruitment & Training  Technical and pastoral care training for all staff $US 2,000,000 
4. Mobile Community Outreach  First year operating costs and mobile clinics, screening systems and education materials $US 6,600,000 


The Nokor Tep Women's Hospital initiative to date has been funded solely by donations from individuals, groups and businesses from around the world. There are international supporter groups based in Singapore, USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Operations Financial Sustainability – Costs & Expected Income

The expected number of women to be treated each day is 300. In the first year of operations, it is expected that over 100,000 women will receive treatment. The total cost of Nokor Tep is $US30 million dollars which equates to an estimated cost each patient of $US300 regardless of.

The cost per patient ratio drops dramatically after the first year of operation when it is expected the total cost of running the hospital to be $US5 million – estimated cost per patient of $US50 regardless of treatment received.

The Hospital's ongoing sustainability is based on a localised "ability to pay " fee structure that will be put into place from the start of operations.

The operations funding plan is :

  • 10% of patients will be wealthy Cambodians and expatriate women living in Cambodia. Their expected fees will average $US250.00 per person = $US2.5 million
  • 30% of patients will be middle class women. Their expected fees will average at $US50 per person= $US1.5 million
  • 60% of patients will be women living at a subsistence level. The average fee will be $US20 per person= $US1.8 million
  • Research facilities: Opportunities to do research related to gynecological and cancer issues will result in an additional income of $US1 million per year
  • Nokor Tep Supporters – Annual Events and individual support are expected to raise $US2 million per year.

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